Wednesday, November 26, 2008

mom-blog-haters, prepare yourselves.

because what i have for you here will give you fodder for your feelings to grow. i present to you the contents of my washing machine today. from one load. (actually there were clothes, as well. and homemade soap. because i am amazing. even without a steam-dryer. and occasionally frugal. however, not so much organized and disciplined, because this was one of SIX loads of laundry done today. but i digress.)
one large lens of some type found by my son in a dumpster at an undisclosed urban location used for a recent family portrait sitting (dumpster diving is not stealing, right?) and because of location certainty, i can also ascertain that this pocket-treasure culprit is #1, who assisted me for this shoot. eight gold-plastic pirate coins, pocketed by an unknown, and un-confessing child. (unless daddy's getting desperate.) two silver ring thingies used most often to attach keys. used in this case, most likely, as a "someday-i-might-use-this-to-attach-a-tool-or-weapon-to-my-beltloop" pocket treasure. one perfectly shiny pebble. one small thank-God-it-was-here-and-not-in-one-year-old's-mouth grey lego piece. and one very small what-appears-to-be-ceramic-or-stone... muskrat?


momof4sweetsisters said...

Wash DAy woos.............Oh I know them all to well! It got so bad here about a year ago that Superman gave the older chicks scrub bushes and buckets and had them wash all their clothes by hand!

When I saw "princess dates" Ithought you were taking me somewhere! I thought I missed some big princess party news. Julie

2008JesseTree said...

The muskrat thingy was pick pocketed from our house! I often find it in my dryer and Ethan found it in a geo-cache. Too funny!! I'll check my dryer and I bet we have something of yours!

Laura Lu said...

funny you should mention your gratitude for the grey lego being in the wash rather than the baby's mouth...i just looked over at my son and he had a magnet choking hazard in his mouth. sheesh!

i want you to know that i absolutely LOVE this post! :)