Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jesse Tree

I have just discovered the neatest opportunity to incorporate into our Christmas season this year. I'd been reading about the Jesse Tree in a homeschool forum, and thought it sounded like such a powerful way to remind ourselves of the true reasons Christians celebrate.
The Jesse Tree is a tree or branch that is decorated, one day at a time, with ornaments that represent the story and lineage of Jesus. Similar to the concept of the Advent Wreath (which, with its rich history, became our favorite Christmas tradition last year - thanks Amy S.!!), the Jesse Tree becomes a living reminder of the depth of our history as children of the King of Kings.
If you're local (and maybe even if you're not, my blog sisters! Email me and let's figure out how to make it happen!) I'd like to invite you to join my friend Brenda in a Jesse Tree Ornament Exchange and begin a powerful new Christmas Tradition. Visit her site 2008JesseTree.blogspot.com to learn more!


2008JesseTree said...

Thank you, Angela for posting this! XO

Shelby said...

This sounds like a great idea. I would love to learn more about it! Wish we could do it together, but I guess "online" will have to do! :)

Tiany said...

Thank you for the information, we will be doing this for the first time this year and we are looking forward to it!


Kerry Giles said...

My mom did this a few years back with her church and gave Tracy and I both a Jesse Tree set. Very cool. It was a little over the heads of my kids when they were real little, but something they are now enjoying as they are getting older and understand the Bible more.