Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Help Me 2 Teach

We use an amazing and wonderful collection of curriculae for our children, and most everything I "need" can be found within the pages of the books I've collected. Sometimes, though, I just want to add some fun exploring time to what we're doing. I may need some more sources for photographs of ancient artwork, or I may just want a fun worksheet for E. on the planet we've been studying. I can easily dive head-first into the world-wide-web and get lost for hours, digging for that elusive "perfect" site. Apparently I'm not the only one, because HELPME2TEACH.COM is a subscription-based site created by a teacher of 40-plus years which includes the results of her countless hours of ongoing research to find the best sites for parents and students from pre-k through high school.

Sites are marked according to appropriateness, accessibility, affordability (many are free or low-cost).

I'm a girl who goes for what is either very low-cost, or very worth my family's investment. At $29.95 for a year (and the current special provides a second year for free!), this site may well be worth the hours spent finding online resources "solo." At the least, it's worth the trial period offered by the site's owner - who knows what treasures lie in wait for the teacher digging to find them?!

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