Monday, November 17, 2008

reading for fun....

We read TONS of great-quality literature in our home, from historical novels to classic children's literature, from devotional classics to in-depth Science studies. Sometimes, though, we just wanna have fun in our afternoon quiet reading time. I've been competing with Brian Jr. lately to be first to finish a great read from a company called Media Angels. Based in Ft. Myers, (our old stompin' grounds, sort of!) Media Angels "is a publishing company dedicated to serving the needs of Christian parents, students and teachers."

As part of our journey with TOS Crew, we received the book, The Missing Link, Found, co-written by homeschooler and mom team Christina and Felice Gerwitz.

The first in a series, this fun paperback mystery grabs your attention from page one. An added and really cool benefit is the collection of Creation Science facts that are tucked into the plot as the characters dive into their adventure!
With so much vying for our kids' attention that does NOT encourage the kind of character and family interaction we desire in our home, this book is filled with instances of respect-building within the family (sibling-to-sibling and child-to-parent); it's a refreshing opportunity for our kids. It's also filled with in-action instances of kids walking out their faith in Jesus!
This little book is a great "fun read," as well as a hidden little nugget of Science study - it may trigger some Creation Science exploration in your home... and it's got our gang clamoring for the next book in the series!


Shelby said...

Those are great. We don't have that one, but we have the undersea one and the dinosaur one. If you notice in the dedication, a lot of their research information comes from Catie Frates. She is my kids' amazing science teacher!

Vicki said...

Thanks for the tip on the books! I'm looking for some good Christian fiction for my daughter.