Saturday, September 6, 2008

"a magical place"


trouble on two bottoms.

even a lady must swordfight when she's surrounded by brothers (even someone else's)

the cowboy/cowgirl room...

visiting our "alternate universe" friends. (ever see that seinfeld where elaine makes friends with an alternate jerry, kramer, and george?)
they use tapestry of grace, have five (four boys and one princess) arrows, she has a hand-drum and he has a guitar, etc...)

our favorite place is the school-room. it's built into a garden cottage in the backyard, tucked behind the treehouse fort. between green tea and root beer floats, (because thursday is root beer float day - i want her for a mom!) i wandered out to my kind of paradise... books from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. ikea furniture (cuz she's cool like that) is at home with dollhouse and laundry center, backyard garden dirt, and art projects... and there's even an intercom to keep track of the goings-on if mom or kids are in the "main house."

wouldn't ya know, just after his mom told me about little k's recent toilet adventures, a spash led her to the bathroom where MY littlest was having a gay old time in said toilet.

we went on our second geocaching adventure to find the cache hidden by their boys.

found it!
i wanted to hit the floor (i did, but briefly, as i had to catch some sword-fighting action in the yard) and do nothing but read all these glorious books. as we drove home, j's comment to me: "mom, did you SEE their schoolroom? it's like a MAGICAL PLACE." ahhh, maybe he is a boy after my own heart.
just a reminder of how blessed we've been with lots of good friends! thank you, Papa!


Tami said...

So, this is the place!! Very sweet.

LovingLegacy said...

yeah when-ya gonna let me blog your little paradise? avocados, zipline, butterfly garden and handmade artwork... man, all my friends have heavenly havens!!

Teaching Diligently said...

I am so inspired! What an awesome Homeschool "room." I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for sharing.

Amy said...

Ahhh...I wanna come too! You so captured the spirit of the place! I love their family already! We have Friday float night, wanna come? :)

brenda said...

Glad you didn't put up the picture of the messy room ; )

LovingLegacy said...

you're welcome, bren, although all "my readers" have every idea what a kid-messy room looks like. and aim, we'll be there friday.