Saturday, September 20, 2008

beautiful music...

i am not sure there is a more beautiful sound than the song of a woman in labor.

last night i was given the privelege to photograph the birth of the third baby of a new friend and sister in Jesus. in the still of night, under the autumn half-moon, with the accompanying harmony of the night creatures, we prayed and rocked and hummed together until the midwife arrived. this strong and thoughtful woman delivered her beautiful boy in the quiet sanctuary of her backyard with the attendants of her husband and a wise and seasoned (believing) midwife.
afterward, she rested and nursed in the warm pool they had purchased for the occasion, underneath the tiny-white-light-studded tent they put up just for the evening, before retiring to her room where big brother and sister awoke to meet their newest addition.

when i arrived at 1 am, she was well past 4 cm, with contractions every 3 minutes.

you can see her maternity, more of the awesome birth, and soon, family photos, here.

congratulations, ian and mel. and thank you for a sacred honor in sharing this part of your lives.

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