Saturday, September 6, 2008

i love these little people.

so why am i not more -
they were such troopers tonight as we did our own shoot to look for "the photo" to order our first canvas! i pity the audience who got to experience our "show..." as i tried (and i am so much nicer to other peoples' children, really, i am!!!) to get them all looking in one direction at once. eek! i'll post more and "outtakes" after i get a few hours' sleep and help my hubby finish - YES FINISH - grouting our previously posted shower-in-the-making!!!

note to self: even if you are a photographer for other people, DO NOT try to shoot your own children - especially when you have five- and you are going after a "professional" shot - and most especially when you have a five-year-old (think: cheesy smile year!!) and an almost-one-year-old. and above all, if you must attempt said feat, do not, and i mean DO NOT attempt it alone. otherwise, you might be tempted to actually SHOOT your own children!!! (with a squirt gun, of course. now that would've been a good idea! i see another "shoot" in our near future!)

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