Wednesday, September 17, 2008


every time we go to pick up our organic produce co-op order, we are "gob-smacked" to discover just how SPECIFIC is our Papa's answer to some of our prayers. a few weeks ago, we'd been eyeing champagne grapes at the grocery - but being that they're not cheap, and i didn't know how they taste, i hadn't bought them. well lo and behold, we arrived at co-op that week, and in the "kitchen" (read: cheap because it must be used immediately) basket, we received CHAMPAGNE GRAPES! (and in case you're wondering, they're terrific.) this week the kids had been moaning that it's been a while since we've bought artichokes, and when can we get them again? and guess what was in our "kitchen" basket this week? oh yeah, baby. lunch today was a FEAST. (sorry daddy, but we know you don't love these anyway.)
we love - LOVE - to eat these dipped in melted butter and balsamic vinegar... when i was a kid my parents ate them after we went to bed and for some reason i love inviting my kids to love this with me...

the aftermath.
"how deep the Father's love for us
how vast beyond all measure
that He should give His only Son
to make a wretch His treasure..."


Jill said...

love the background...glad you figured it out!:) The kids are getting so big!!!!

Vicki said...

Will you tell me how to eat an artichoke!?! I've had them out of jars but never fresh.

I'd be interested in a co-op. How do they work?

Jill said...

forgot to tell you that we like our artichokes dipped in mayo...the healthy way!!!:)