Friday, September 19, 2008

beach relaxing

i can't BELIEVE i didn't take my camera today. we hit the beach and enjoyed a shoulder-burning beautiful morning with our labrant friends. the beach was the widest i've seen it in ages with no seaweed clutter. the boys caught a jellyfish (no, charlie, don't pick him up!) and the girls "sold" sea treasures to neighboring beach-goers (they were pretending to have a shop, but the new "friends" insisted on giving the girls quarters...) and isaac had a blast crawling and standing in the puddles. God is so amazing to give us these reprieves in our "work" to remember how awesome He is in His creation.


Vicki said...

WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I want a beach in my backyard!!

Tami said...

Yes, we are burned on our shoulders also!! Did I not just say I loved my new sunscreen and we don't burn anymore?? Well, I lied. We burned!! So fun, not the burn, the beach.