Thursday, May 28, 2009

what's for dinner?

well, technically, what WAS for dinner... this was a night this weekend. a super simple, but delicious, summer meal.
started with fresh basil (gift from next door neighbor - yay!).

had some chicken breasts (the go-to-wonder-meat.) we sliced sweet vidalias and layered them in a casserole dish and topped with fresh spinach.
next we topped with the chicken breasts and seasoned with steak and chicken seasoning blend (the kind you grind as you use it.)

fresh, juicy, sun-warmed tomatoes sliced atop the chicken give it another layer of sweetness.

sprinkle with basil chiffonade. (fancy-talk for fine ribbons. stack your basil leaves and roll them like this:) next, run your chef's knife through, finely cutting into ribbons. (this technique is awesome for any fresh leaves...)
and your "french-for-ribbons" chiffonade...


i'm sure you know, but you should always use the quality of wine you'd like to drink when you cook... not just in case you want a sip while you work! this was left from the night before - a sprinkle of Chardonnay (or any white would work...) lends the onions and spinach and chicken some delicious juiciness!

bake at 350 for - well, till it's done... whole-wheat-drop biscuits make it the perfect meal.


Faith said...

ok, Im hungey now...I love how the Sackett Family eats :) we need to do dinner soon!

Faith said...

uhh, I mean hungRY, haha

Bryce said...

Yum!! We will be having this for dinner -- soon!! (Shelby, not Bryce - too lazy to sign out and back in)

momof4sweetsisters said...

Sounds wonderful. I think you should pick up that personal chef gig again and start at my house!

Kerry Giles said...

you really should write a cookbook you know! You use really great descriptive words and you should think about marketing yourself with food photography. You are awesome.

Genevieve said...

Were you meaning to torture us by not posting a photo of the completed dinner? Looks delicious! And any photographer who can make raw chicken look delicious SHOULD publish a cookbook!

Shelby said...

Tonight is the night!! I got all the ingredients yesterday -- this is our dinner tonight, complete with drop biscuits!! Thanks for the great cooking ideas! I put a couple of new recipes on my facebook if you are interested as well. The smoothie is amazing!!!