Monday, May 18, 2009

sweet happiness.

ok, my dear hubby says i am now officially addicted, obsessed, and unreasonably entranced (well, entranced is a me-kind-of-word, but still...) with the great ikea. it's true... after living through my parents vicariously as they built their dream home, a gorgeous, custom home but built on a chic budget, i longed for an ikea of my own. it has arrived. last week, we made the pilgrimage. it was supposed to be a recon mission, as we drug nana (willingly!) along, and although i had a list of new-bathroom-renovation needs, i anticipated checking out my options and bringing daddy back for the actual purchasing expedition. not to be, because, alas, there was more than enough to check off my complete list, and add on a couple impulse purchases. sweet jr., my son-after-my-heart, thank you for spotting my long-desired french press. yeeeeeeessss...

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momof4sweetsisters said...

Yes! I want the pineapple!
I want my ikea pilgrimage....but alas I'll have to wait another month or so.
I also heart my French Press. I make loose tea in mine.
Did you re paint the bathroom????