Tuesday, May 12, 2009

dear, dear friends

my hubby sent me away for the most AMAZING day yesterday! i headed off to st. augustine around 6 am for a day of learning from some of the best of the best in wedding photographers... from noon till after nine, they staged all the aspects of a wedding, shot, and taught. i was in photography heaven, with some real romance thrown in... the models who "played" the bride and groom are believers who are "for real" newlyweds and photographers, as well. although we, the students, weren't able to shoot, i can't WAIT to try some of the awesome techniques on my upcoming brides!

to sweeten the trip, i got to visit one of my very best friends and bridesmaid, "aunt haley," and her hubby, along with their four beautiful girls. "coach," dad, is the athletic director of a Christian school, and my sweet haley-friend teaches there, as well! die-hard north carolina and georgia "dawgs" fans, their home is a sports fan's dream. their family radiates Jesus and covenant family-life, and the few middle-night hours i got to catch up with my heart-friend are dear to me. i just had to share, because my quick stop was a reminder to me that friendships are all-too easily set aside in life's busy rush, and i value the fellowship Papa has blessed us with. and... with their permission, i want you to see the four young women of God my friends are raising... who ever-so-willingly let me at them with my camera in the five minutes before they headed off to school!

thanks, girlies, for letting me join you for cartoons and visit your cool classrooms!

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