Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TruthQuest History - TOS Product Review

Whew... it's coming to the end of the traditional school year, and for many people that means a big breath for the last stretch, or a sigh of relief... me, I just want a NAP!!

I'm excited to be able to review for you a really neat History curriculum that makes me feel rested just looking at it. TruthQuest History is , in their own words,

"...a deep and rich literature-based history study…but with a difference.
You will not learn the story of mankind; you will learn the lovestory of mankind.
You will not focus on the rise and fall of human civilizations;
you will focus on the arrow-straight line of God's unchanging existence,
power, love, truth, and plan for civilization. You will not simply 'meet the culture'
or 'get the facts;' you will probe the truths of history so deeply
that your students will be equipped to change their world."

TruthQuest history is a spiral-bound guide (and I'm an old-fashioned girl... I love paper...) that includes brief introductions to segments in time, with a distinctly God-centered view, along with book suggestions for both reading and activities. It's written with a lighthearted attitude that's an easy read, and would be not the least overwhelming for any student reading, in my estimation, chapter books.

It is simple, so if you're the kind of person who needs pages and pages of explanation, exams, maps, diagrams, and such, this isn't going to be enough for you. But if you'd like a copyrighted list of excellent books in each time period (and even suggestions and warnings for different ages and sensibilities), and you're comfortable getting creative with a basic outline, this would be an excellent consideration.

There are also some writing/critical thinking exercises at the end of the book, as well as a suggested film list.

We reviewed the Renaissance, Reformation, and Exploration edition by Michelle Miller (buy it here), and we're working through the Famous Men of Rome study, as well. I can say that I don't intend to put these away after our review. This is a book/study that may well begin a collection.

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