Sunday, April 26, 2009

Alphabet Alley Magnet Set - TOS Review

Cute, cute, and double-cute! This little magnet set makes me think of sets I had as a kid. It's the perfect carry-along for doctor's office and oil-change waiting times, and (if yours aren't quite as apt to lose things in the bottomless pit of the vehicle!) would be a great travel activity. The New Baby Magnet Set is currently being reviewed to be sure it meets government standards so it is not listed on their site for purchase - but there are many adorable products available (or coming soon) at .

*A personal side-note from me personally, with no endorsement from any companies... PLEASE be praying for small businesses adversely affected by the lead-law inacted by well-meaning politicians. We know of many small family companies which have been, or will be, virtually eliminated under legislation that requires extensive and prohibitively expensive testing with the goal of "keeping kids safe." Not that I'm opposed to this goal, but sometimes things just aren't thought through... I'm not at all sure if this is the case for this product, but nonetheless, be praying...

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