Monday, April 13, 2009

more strawberries...

um, yeah, so my sister in law TOTALLY made us strawberry-picking-rings. she's cool.

my sweetie-girl behind the lens - and rose-colored glasses.
ny niece is gorgeous - like her momma.
the tucker cousins came for a quick spring break visit, and we played and played. i thank Papa for my dear sis-in-love, who "talked me down from the cliff" when our crazy strawberry-picking-adventure went waaaay far awry. let's just say, the day began with a crashed cell phone/pda (and panic on my silly part), was filled with getting lost and cranky toddler, and ended with said toddler - well - "wee-ing" on my dusty athletic shoes.

nonetheless, there are good pictures, and that is important.

more important, though were the few precious minutes i spent giving Second "scratch backs" on the late and snoozy drive home. and the fact that even though we had to enter the "out" gate, as the "in" gate was prematurely locked, and we only got a few minutes, we were able to introduce our formerly absent hunting boys and cousins to the new park we'd discovered.

oh, Papa, teach me to find the JOYS, and to overlook these temporary and silly struggles. in the light of your glory shining in everyday moments, inconvenience is trivial.


Six Feet Under Blog said...

How fun that looked! I wish we had something like that around here. Please help me win the Hallmark Mother's Day Card Contest-vote daily! Thanks!

momof4sweetsisters said...

heehee. i put my comment onth the wrong post. He is risen ! Amen! i cried through church... he's still workin on me!

Gingerbread Mommy said...

love the new hair, big sis!

Mike Ritter said...

I really like your pic there! Playful and fun.