Tuesday, April 21, 2009

eight things...

i was "tagged" by my sweet new-momma friend amanda... (click her name to visit her!) she's not a new momma - she has four girls... but her littlest is just a few short days old... born at home with the coolest story. anyway, here goes my "eight things" post (and dad and girlfriends, i'm comin' atcha to join the fun!)

8 things i look forward to:
-meeting my Jesus face-to-face
-costa rica wedding with our sweet friends dan and jen! (yippee!)
-snuggling with my hubby tonight
-watching my children fall in love and become parents
-kissing my babies first thing in the morning
-next time i eat pad thai and green curry
-having my next "aha moment" as a photographer
-sleeping in... someday...

8 things i did yesterday:
-edited wedding photos
-made coffee
-went geocaching with my family
-went turtle-visiting with my baby boy
-kissed my man
-chatted with my Papa
-went for a bike ride
-ate dinner my hubby cooked

8 things i wish i could do:
-live near my parents, my sister
-understand lighting better
-read all day at least one day a week
-have one day a week alone in my house
-hire someone to clean my house twice a month
-be patient all the time
-"road school"
-be more diligent at writing thank you notes

8 shows i watch
-the mentalist
-so you think you can dance (in season)
-barefoot contessa
-the stagers
-HSN (homework - does that count as one show?)
-sometimes the amazing race and sometimes extreme home makeover

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have fun, gang!

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Sweet Blessings said...

Fun! I loved your lists! Blessings! Amanda:)