Monday, August 4, 2008

Starting school make you feel crazy???

I'm super excited about getting back to "school..." the kids are even more so. But the organizing side of me (STOP LAUGHING, sweet husband!) is a bit in a panic. The "stuff" needs help getting planned so that we get to all the cool stuff we want to experience this year!
Well, I've been "trying out" to join a focus group to review products for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. Recently, I've been invited to participate in a review of two super cool products they're offering for purchase. The first is the online addition of their magazine. For those not familiar with it, The Old Schoolhouse is a fantastic magazine filled with ideas and encouragement for homeschool families. They always offer neat curriculum reviews, and tons of articles that are just the balm a teaching momma's heart needs at the end (or the beginning!) of a long, hard day at work. (And for my teaching dad friends, there's a ton of cool stuff for you, too.)
The second is The Schoolhouse Planner; I'm dying to get my hands on this one. It seems a jam-packed digital storehouse of forms and tips you can reproduce as needed for your own school.
I'll be receiving both these items soon - check back here for my review... just in time to kick off the new school year!

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