Wednesday, August 6, 2008


this morning my husband worked from home and had a meeting with some neighbors regarding neighborhood improvements. long about math time, he called to say there were MANATEES in the canal behind our home. needless to say, we yanked poor isaac from his nap and went running! you can't see much from these photos, but we had to share our excitement, anyway. they're really massive animals, and very docile. i tried to get my foot in the shot so you could see just how close they were. there were at least six - it looked to be at least one momma/baby pair, and they swam and played right up to and under the dock we sat on. our Papa is such a show-off, and a WAAAAYY better science teacher than i am!

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Anonymous said...

Manatees in your backyard. That is awesome. All I can hear in my head though is "Barbara Manatee, You are my mon amie, I'll take you to the ball, I hope you're not too small (we might have trouble dancing). Get it?