Thursday, August 14, 2008

Digital Homeschool Helps

Remember I promised I'd be reviewing some products for The Old Schoolhouse? Well, I finally got my digital version of the magazine. I say finally, because now that I have it, I realize I've been waiting for something good. This is the same educational, inspirational The Old Schoolhouse, but it's in a fully interactive, full-color format for your computer. You can turn the pages, zoom in, search topics and archives, and even email articles to a select group of friends. And you can go back and view articles; best of all (yes, honey, I'm really trying this year, despite the current state of the counters and couches!!) it doesn't end up in a pile on your kitchen counter or (am I really admitting this online?) in the basket in the bathroom you think you might inhabit ALONE at some point in your near future!

Some features I'm excited about in this issue?
Seven Reasons to Get Up and Out
(I needed this in the hot Florida summer), an encouraging article with tips on spending time with your kids in nature, is a great article. I am challenged to be more Christlike in my mothering by
Never Alone
, a powerful article from a single mom homeschooling three. My kids have been asking lots of questions about our rights and God's protection during a time of increased pressure on homeschool families by state governments.
The Homeschool Watch
features timely info that will be helpful to me both in teaching them, and in encouraging other moms in the journey.
So, my "review" of this product? It's great, and I can't wait for my next issue!

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