Tuesday, August 27, 2013

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we've been having such a great time revamping our family eating habits. now i'm being honest - i'd let us get so far from where we should be that it has taken serious determination and genuine, consistent communication to begin re-educating our mindset and our palates.

i discovered, for instance, that our second (a teenage boy) does not like almonds.  he's tested sensitive to them in the past, too - go figure.  so in paring back grains and incorporating more nuts, i've started experimenting with pecan meal or walnut flour.  

i also got a talking-to from our three teen swimmers who didn't think they were eating enough.  i've had to get creative about snack options, and they're learning at the same time that with more nutrient-dense foods, they need to eat less at one sitting.

but we're getting somewhere.  we're eating more intentionally, and it's working.  skin is improving.  we're feeling fuller.  we're eating delicious foods!

like this one.  in partnering with "beef: it's what's for dinner" this month, i've bought some more pricey cuts of beef, and we're feasting.  try this recipe, for instance (click to go to allrecipes.com recipe link!).

i doubled the tomato and cucumber salad and actually ate leftovers for breakfast the next day with chopped turkey!

i'm thinking you could do a more inexpensive cut of meat with this seasoning, but oh man, the crispy marbled fat is delish.

eating nourishing food is a blessing.  let me know if you try this!

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