Thursday, August 29, 2013

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this month as an allrecipes allstar, i've been trying out some goodies from Goya.
the recipes we chose have fit well with the way we're trying to eat these days: food that's simple to prepare, but full of flavor, and focused on fruits and vegetables, quality meats and healthy fats, including nuts and seeds.

this recipe for roast adobo pork loin fit the bill.  the "secret" addition of cinnamon added the perfect amount of sweetness, and i think it might be a great autumn dish.  we served our with sweet potatoes and onions that we roasted right in the pan.

true confession: i've had a tendency to overcook my pork lately.  don't do this.  :)
it makes it dry and unappetizing!  although i wish i'd left this one a little more pink (note to self: if it seems like it's been a while since you checked the timer, it has), the flavor was still good!

having a Mexican-food-loving husband has made testing these Goya recipes easy.  he even forgave me the over-cooking.  next time, i'm trying this one in the slow cooker.  with the longer, slow-cooked method, i think it might be even better.

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