Thursday, June 20, 2013

summer gourmet {Florida Food Photography}

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so i did a Pinterest cleanse... i knew my body had dragged way back to neglect and it was time to spruce it up. i want to feel good again and eating "clean" is a huge part of that. i needed to feel what "hungry" really feels like; to taste what "real" food really means again. now that i'm through seven days of pure, mostly raw eats, i find i'm actually craving the stuff healthy is made of. and it feels and tastes GOOD! 

last night for dinner we had this:

my mouth's watering just reliving it through a photo.  :)

we had received a treat from a new company called simple and crisp to sample (i've still got their pear and apple crisps to play with), so i wanted to incorporate the slightly bitter, slightly-sour dried orange slices into the recipe.  i found some great looking organic greens, fresh mint and in-season peaches, along with ripe avocado.  we made a spicy-sweet dressing, grilled up some chicken, and dove in.

i love that i have built-in critics taste-testers. there was no criticism this meal.  in fact, after he helped me stage this shot, Little instructed, "tell me when you're ready for me to be in the shot."

 and it was a hit.  in fact, everyone cleaned their plates, went back for seconds, and some even for thirds.  :)

 want the recipe?  click here.

make this!  like the recipe?  leave a comment!  :)

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