Wednesday, June 26, 2013

spicy not-beef kabobs {perfect almost-grain-free summer dinner}

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these were good. after we spent a day in the sun, and before we spent time with our friends/mentors, they were the perfect hearty but still not heavy, summer dinner.

here were my tweaks (because of course there always are some) to this recipe at allrecipes:

used venison instead of beef.
marinated the meat for several hours (venison needs it) before adding to the skewer with veggies, and drizzling more marinade over the top.
veggies we used were par-cooked sweet potato chunks, baby peppers, stems removed, quartered onions, and fresh zucchini.  

 in another-more-organized-life, with a little more planning, i'd have made cauliflower "rice" to serve with these.  instead, fresh fruit and sugar cream pie rounded out the meal.  (80/20 did NOT happen this evening.  :)  )

i should have remembered the venison can get tough if it cooks too long; i might consider skewering the veggies separately next time so i can pop the venison on at the last few minutes.
still, we'll make this again.  it was good!

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