Monday, May 27, 2013

fast and decadent {butter rum} caramel corn

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getting real here - there's not much i've found to satisfy the craving for caramel corn but, well... caramel corn. this recipe from - my australian fellow home cooks - fit the bill for a saturday afternoon splurge. indulging in this and a little pioneer woman, quickly followed by a swim to make myself feel more productive burn off some sugar high, and my weekend's been off to the sweetest start.

so i did tweak it a bit (don't i always?!)  by swapping half the vanilla for rum extract.  except the rum extract (read the label, silly girl!!!) turned out to be mint.  so we called it "buttermint caramel corn."  and made another batch.  :)

you're feeling crave-ish, no?  find the recipe here.  you're welcome.  :)

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