Saturday, May 11, 2013

strawberry season {tampa family photographer}

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strawberry picking is an annual tradition, and it makes me long ever more for getting our hands in the dirt on a more regular basis. i MUST start that herb-garden-in-a-pot soon... i must

dang, girl, i want those arms.  you are beautiful, angel-girl.

for the first time after many years of want-to, we finally tried our hand at blueberry picking.  unsure of how much we were actually getting and a little nervous about having a thirty dollar bucket, we were conservative in our picking.  next year we're going in with guns blazing.  alas, i took only the iPhone for pics.  next time, the big camera.  it's worth hauling.  so we'll settle for more strawberry shots.  :)

we were headed home from regionals track meet, and tho i've whined and complained about this vehicle, my kids constantly remind me that it's comfortable and it gets us where we need to go.  so i'm embracing it.  it's my homeschool-mom-mobile.  also known as the BRG 
(big. rolling. turd.  ever seen RV?)

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