Tuesday, July 31, 2012

famous greek salads {tampa food photographer}

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There's a lovely little Greek place not far from our house, and we visited today to feature them for the column we write for a local family magazine. I thoroughly enjoyed the hummus and tzatziki sauces, and the Greek Salad was to-die-for. I tried Souvlaki for the first time, and it's going on the menu for next week... it's that good. I'm thinking I'll try this recipe, because it looks lonely and needs to be featured! I also splurged and tried both the baklava and the baklava cheesecake (I know, right?!), and I think I'll ask my baking son to try his hand at the iconic Greek dessert; he picked out this one

Here are the samplings we had today at Clearwater's Famous Greek Salads. We'll post updates when we make our own!! 

pita points with tzatziki and hummus (and in the background, the best spanakopita i've had...):

it's funny when you're raising kids with somewhat-sophisticated-palates.  Little took a "look" at the menu and declared solemnly, "i think i'll start with the soup."  and, well, he did.

 avgolemono - Greek lemon soup:

sister samples the soup for Little (and declares she could eat it every day)...


really, what's better than a chopped Greek salad with gyro meat?

what's on your menu next?  trying any ethnic foods or recipes that are new to you?

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