Tuesday, May 8, 2012

our "siete" de mayo fiesta

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it's a not-so-secret fact that hub's favorite all-time food is, well, anything Mexican. since we deserted him for play practice on his birthday (last of the thirties!), we decided to have a little "siete de mayo" celebration in his honor, and do some SERIOUS Mexican cooking. we made the most amazing version of "amazing southwest cilantro lime mango grilled chicken sandwiches" from allrecipes.com (wow, that title rivals one i'd write in length!) with flax tortillas from realsustenance.com, instead of french bread.  

since my man is the true guacamole chef, i was nervous to go on my own, but this guac recipe from allrecipes.com is divine!  (i can't be held responsible for actually measuring these ingredients, and i ALWAYS add extra lime and cilantro.)  

till this point, i was doing great, but i lost my senses completely when we began to fry up the sopapillas; i had a bite or two more than my fair share, i'm not gonna lie.  

and while we're being real, i also thoroughly enjoyed the coconut margarita with which i bribed my honey to grill the steak for his meal.  :)

what're you waiting for?  it doesn't have to be anything-de-mayo... get cooking!  :)

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