Thursday, May 10, 2012

mmmm... al fresco

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at our house, we love sausage (and we've been teased about the amount of it we cook up). :) how happy to find a recipe product that's made with no artificial ingredients that's delicious.  

it's heading toward summer around here, and who wants to be cooped up inside with a stove cranked up!  we're ready for some grilling recipes, and the al fresco kabobs recipe  from just fits the bill.

nothing like a kicked-up citrus marinade to make fresh veggies pop.

 (thank you, honey, for being patient to get that exact "marinade that makes your mouth water" angle i was going for on this shot.  :)

we may have slightly charred the veggies.  i may, strangely, prefer them that way.  i do say if i had it to do over, i think i'd skewer the shrimp and sausage separately so as not to overcook it to the level i like my veggies.  still, delish.

al fresco sent us coupons to try their latest flavors, and although we couldn't find the vast array they offer in our grocery store, we did find sweet apple, sweet italian, and tomato and basil (they have buffalo style!! publix, it's time to expand the line!!) visit the al fresco site and download your own coupons today. you're welcome. :)

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