Tuesday, April 17, 2012

irish cabbage (allrecipes dot com UK!)

i'm a little late posting, but we made this dish in honor of our irish (we have a few!) roots during march.
it's part of our awesome journey with allrecipes.com, and we were invited to visit the UK allrecipes site (yep, there is one!).  although the cabbage and bacon are a good mix, the nutmeg (oh, how i love nutmeg, especially fresh grated, as here!)... seemed to somehow bring out a metallic taste with the vinegar and cabbage combination.  next time, i'll either leave out the nutmeg (gasp!) or try braising this baby down into caramelly-cabbage-deliciousness.  hhmmm... maybe it needs to be irish month again!
(in case you'd like to make this dish, head on over to the UK allrecipes.com for irish cabbage!)

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