Monday, April 9, 2012

i {heart} blue cheese. (and a bit of my food philosophy)

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with all my talk of the Paleo lifestyle, i may have been remiss in saying that i am not permanently (at this point) removing non-Paleo-friendly foods completely from our menu.  i have not given up dairy, and i do allow myself "cheat" days.  at this part of my journey, i still think it's important to allow for this (keep ya posted if it changes); i don't want anything to become my "god" when it comes do diet.  i do, however, still have a desire to move toward "cleaner" eating, and incorporate principles that honor my body as it was created... and encourage our friends and family to do the same!
sooooo, that being said, here's the ahh-mazing appetizer i made for our Easter dinner with friends!
this is the oh-so-delicious blue cheese with capers and red onion from my beloved  modeled by my beautiful friend brenda.  don't you love her nail polish?  :)  i had every intention of making grain-free crackers for those (me!) who wanted them, but alas, it didn't happen.  i tried this with the veggies i had out, but ended up having the crackers.  next time, i will make my own.  trust me - make this. now. it takes about thirty seconds and it is all that.  i promise.  (and if you've got more time than i did? make these!)

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