Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Good Morning, Sunshine! {Paleo Breakfast Recipe}

adopting a healthier eating pattern has had the added gift of learning to appreciate what food really tastes like.  i'm prayerfully listening to my body, teaching it again what is truly good, and letting it tell me what, of that, it wants and needs.  (do I sound like a nut?)  one of my favorite breakfasts was inspired by a gorgeous blog post on Left on Amelia. she calls it "the bowl of yum."  i've adapted it to whatever's in the pantry and seeming "yum" to me of a morning.  this morning it was almond butter, bananas, my beloved Chia seeds, raw, unsweetened coconut,  chopped frozen cherries (give them a whizz in your mini food processor or chop with a knife or chopper) and a drizzle of coconut milk.  and hello, happy.

for more info on the ingredients i used and why (besides that they taste awesome), leave a comment below and i'll create a post!
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sunflower said...

that looks really good can you tell me how to make it?