Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Critical Thinking Company {Florida Homeschool Resource}

For a while we've loved a company called The Critical Thinking Company as a great resource for creative educational materials.  Recently they contacted us to review a couple of their books, and we were happy to do so!  Excitedly we opened our box a few days later (delivered by our favorite Fed-Ex guy) to discover Crypto Mindbenders: Famous Quotations, Crypto Mind Benders:Classic Jokes, and Inference Jones: Beginning.

We couldn't wait to pull them out and try our hand at some mind-benders!  We've discovered that not only our students, but mom and dad love them, too!  We've raced to finish them and see who can best beat the tricky puzzles to find famous quotes and silly jokes.

One of my favorite attributes to the series is that it comes with limited printing rights, allowing us to copy pages to use within our family - thus saving us money and allowing us to grab more Critical Thinking products!

(This one looks focused... he loves the puzzles but hates photos - go figure.  :) )
I was especially excited about Inference Jones, a workbook designed to increase students' reading comprehension and allow them to interact with reading selections.  Our third/fourth grader is growing in his reading skill and speed, but I wanted a way to assure that he was comprehending the material, and the exercises are short enough to prevent frustration, and clear enough that it's easy for teacher to evaluate success.

So do I recommend?  Wholeheartedly!  Critical Thinking products are well-priced, easy to use, and both fun and educational.
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