Thursday, August 19, 2010

summer fun...

we're wrapping up our summer; really, we are! we had our friends over for a day and the boys built rockets (too busy to get good photos!), while the girls baked cookies.  could've been the other way around, but everybody had fun... especially the cookie-partakers! (of which i might have been one...)

i'm not gonna lie, i'm pretty nervous about diving back into school.  especially with an adorably-ornery blue-eyed almost-three-year-old.  but since we said we'd school through the summer and largely didn't, (well, formally, anyway!), we'd best get our buns in gear!  so it's planning week, and next week is officially get-back-in-the-groove week, and the NEXT week, well, we plan to start studying.  our curriculum.  for real!  but there will still be rocket-building.  and cookie-baking.  and the journey continues.  :)

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Champion Builders said...

We are right there with ya. We aren't starting for a few more weeks yet! Yikes! I usually start in July! Oh well.