Friday, August 13, 2010

datz deli {Gulfcoast Family Destination Dinner}

one of our favorite family pastimes is our monthly outing to a local restaurant; we write a dining out column for Gulfcost Family Magazine.  we're fortunate our kids are "little foodies," so they're as adventurous as we are.  i never remember to blog the outings, but this one HAD TO BE DONE.  Datz Deli in Tampa had my interest when everyone whom we know loves food, mentioned it to us.  we fell in love.

called a deli, it has more a pub-like atmosphere, with endless beers on tap, an amazing selection of nachos, sandwiches, and other delights.  self-billed as a "restaurant for foodies," they don't disappoint.  they spoiled us rotten, and our girl's still talking about the goat brie she loved - and we're still dreaming about the gjetost - a danish "caramel" cheese that amazed us. 

the home-made potato chip nachos were delish, but i loved the "plain" ones that came with the kiddos' sandwiches, drizzled with blue cheese glaze.  oh, my mouth is watering...

'though we went for lunch, they spoiled us and let us order meatloaf from the dinner menu, and may i please tell you that their meatloaf was better-than-you-know-what absolutely to-die-for yum?  (sorry no pic - it was gobbled up too fast...)

they have a gorgeous selection of wines, meats, desserts, and cheeses available for purchase.  i'm not usually one for cake at restaurants (it never tastes as good as homemade) but this... well, it was better.  my oldest partook, broke my heart :) by announcing that THIS red velvet cake would be his birthday request.  ah, well...

most of all, though, i loved the idea of their chef's table, where one can do a lunch or dinner pairing meal, prepared tableside... we're saving for a fabulous date night, i can tell you!

love that they have wiki-stix for the kids to occupy themselves...

fun family date... yay!

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