Saturday, October 31, 2009

anna-girl cooks

she's so tiny, that i forget she's growing up, a teensy bit at a time.  my sweet girl was so excited when we got yellow squash and zuchinni in our produce box this week.  "can i make my special sauteed squash?" she wanted to know.  i had an engagement (read: long-term editing session!) at my photography cottage that kept me away through dinner, but she met me at the front door with a bowl she'd saved for me.  "we should take pictures!" i said.  "i already did!  the boys and daddy didn't get it.  but i wanted to blog it."  and we shall.  my baby-girl, who's inching her way toward womanhood, is already developing her own culinary sense.  and may i add, it was scrumptious.  i ate every bite she left for me.

anna's special squash:  (she forgot the zuchinni this time.)


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Miranda said...

wow! thats so cool! she's becoming just like you! :-)