Wednesday, July 22, 2009

inadequate to capture...

as the rising sun grazed the face of a sweet young friend this morning, it occurred to me, "i couldn't capture this with the camera."

not that i didn't want to try, but i knew in that moment i needed to speak the beauty to her and savor the effect of Papa's creation on his creation, and leave it at that.

as i study photography, i have realized that there are some moments which cannot be encapsulated as accurately as the eye can perceive them. i am sure some would disagree, and while at times i am in awe of how post-capture techniques can enhance what the lens saw and bring out the essence of the emotion of a moment seemingly more than when it was observed, sometimes even the best of equipment and technique can't completely do justice to the exact softness of the light on the curve of a cheek. sometimes the subtlety of God's hand just needs to be savored in the moment.

Paul says, "now we see through a glass darkly; then we shall see Him face to face..." as much as our Papa longs to reveal His heart to us, part of His beauty is in the mysteries of Who He is... sometimes rather than teaching or studying, dissecting or sermonizing, or trying to sum Him up, it is all we can do to hush and savor Him.


Kim said...

Amen - what a very thought provoking post and I wanted to tell you that I hopped over to your photography website and you are an AWESOME photographer!!!

Genevieve said...

I just got around to my post-vacation "catching up on blogs" today, and was stunned to read your post. Mine of this morning echoed these very words. Hope you saw it!

In His grip,

Anonymous said...

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