Saturday, December 6, 2008

Day 5 of our Jesse Tree journey. This is one of (I think, THE) neatest tradition(s) we've adopted into our family's legacy. Visit my friend here to see how we found it.

Today we placed a lamb on the tree to remind us of Abraham's journey up the mountainside with his precious Isaac. God asked him to take this gift of a son, and prepare to sacrifice him on that day - Oh, Father, how you call our hearts to give all to you. (Did you know a ram is a male lamb? Might seem silly, but when we went to hang the lamb ornament, there was some opposition, and we had to look it up; we'd always heard "ram," and it didn't sound right to us!)

God gives us a symbol of His precious son who would follow - THE LAMB who would forever remove our sin if we would but die to ourselves. As Abraham raised the knife (talk about a cliffhanger - today's movies got nothin'), he must have barely heard the bleating animal over the beating of his heart. Yet God was not late in His timing. He desired willingness, and He provided redemption.

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