Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunny, sleepy Sundays...

I LOVE our church family. I love good teaching, sweet fellowship, singing time, and watching good teachers interacting with my children. But today, what I loved even more, was coming home, whipping up bean and couscous tostadas, and racing my husband to bed for a SUNDAY NAP. That's his ritual, and I usually run to the pool for some no-kid-mommy-only time in the sun, while the kids get a rare opportunity to play video games or read or nap with daddy. But last night we partied with our sweet associate pastor's wife for her big three-o, and so today I couldn't wait to crawl into our cold, dark room and our big, comfy bed with fresh clean sheets. The best part? My man, who places "precious supplement" (aka sleep) above all else, let me sleep longer than anyone! When I awoke, he was watching them enjoy ice-cream-truck treats while he put up the basketball hoop. I (lucky me!) stayed put and ate 12 pringles and read "Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit," a super sweet little chapter book my kids all recommended. Life is GOOD.

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