Saturday, June 7, 2008

Fishing with Nana and Papa

Memorial Day we decided to go fishing with Nana and Papa. We headed out to a beautiful park near us (For the millionth time I'm thinking how I LOVE where we live...) So nothing was biting. Well, that's not true - the second the line dropped, EVERYTHING was biting - and taking the bait. For keeps. So I decided to offer one of my homemade chocolate chip cookies to the first fisherman to get a catch. You should see the fish Papa brought in! Can you see a fish in this picture?

Well, Isaac liked the the little guy!

It was still a perfect day - kids had a blast (even all us big kids!), Isaac napped, and when we got home we grilled and pigged out on Nana's Death by Chocolate - what a way to go. Brian, sorry buddy - you're looking somewhat off your "cool" here... At least Nana's stylin.


Jill said...

sooo you have been busy posting! I can barely keep up with you!:) Looks like a fun day with the grandparents! The kids are getting so big, Isaac is really cute!

Anonymous said...

Love the blog. Great pics!