Monday, April 29, 2013

girls' night, part two {tampa food photographer}

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the evening was warm and balmy, and soon turned breezy-enough-for-a-shrug. the laughter was plentiful, and the fellowship was sweet.
because we've all got spring fever, a-girl and i decided to host a girls' night "in" with some heart friends.  on the menu: roasted salmon tacos with spicy avocado crema and spring salsa, rosemary lemon margaritas (for the "big girls"), and strawberry basil lemon-limeade for us all.


thanks to Herdez Mexican Foods, we had a delicious "seasoning base" to spice up our main course. their soon-to-be-released cooking sauces provide a rich base of pepper flavors that adds a deep flavor "kick" to any dish.  we drizzled it over our smoked salmon while it finished cooking (the Roasted Pasilla blend) and stirred it into our avocado crema (the Chipotle blend).

 we also made two refreshing beverages.  Sauza provided Agave Tequila and we stirred up a round of Rosemary Lemon Margaritas, and then everyone enjoyed the delicious Strawberry Basil Lemon-Limeade.

 dessert?  as if Stacy's warm, gooey brownies weren't enough, we spooned Strawberry Margarita Sauce over berry sorbet, and topped that with vanilla-coconut meringues!

having girl time was the perfect respite in a busy spring season for us all.

interested in trying out the Herdez products mentioned?  click here for more information!
want more info about Sauza Tequila?  here's the site link

disclaimer: as part of the Allrecipes Allstars program, Herdez Mexican Foods and Sauza Tequila provided products for us to try for our fabulous girls' night.  all thoughts and opinions are my own.
(and for the record, we firmly support LEGAL alcohol consumption only, as well as believe in indulging responsibly in any alcoholic beverage.  we believe God's word and common sense are clear: sober is the only responsible and honoring way to be.  :)  )

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