Thursday, March 28, 2013

eggplant sausage lasagne {tampa food photographer}

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another "ground beef makeover:" thanks to johnsonville sausage, i had that gorgeous new sur la table baking dish to show it off in. 

the original recipe is here, at

my changes included:

-eliminated the pasta, replacing it altogether with thinly sliced, peeled eggplant
-replaced the ground beef with ground sausage
-doubled the fresh garlic (and started the layering with a drizzle of olive oil and fresh minced garlic)
-eliminated the mushrooms

true confession here: i intended to use the mushrooms.  i'm frankly embarrassed and in heaps of trouble right now with the husband for letting perfectly good fresh produce go to waste over the last few months.  i promise, i'm working on that.

 this was delish.  my only tweak next time will be to add ten minutes to the bake time, and that with a foil cover to begin steaming the eggplant.  it was a wee bit un-appetizingly chewy this time.  bless my friend stacy and her family for loving it anyway.

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