Saturday, August 11, 2012

all-natural (not scrambled) hair treatment

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if you're not on the pinterest wagon, bless you.

you've probably got oodles of free time and gobs of real-time projects and accomplishments. 

me, i've got 'em all... in my imagination. and i'm good with that. 
because someday, when life is less full of crazy-days and preschoolers-through-teens needing conversation and snuggles, and clients awaiting galleries, and the hubs and i can settle in for a nice drink in the middle of the day (!!),
i'll have lots of projects and recipes i can make, because in my worry-free way of digital hoarding brilliant forethought, i've saved them all.

and for now, when there is a free moment (or a persistent-as-a-bulldog beautiful and sweet pre-teen girl behind my office chair), we'll grab a fun project or two and try it out!

case in point: my inner fashionista pin-board. it's where i save all the cool nail and hair and fashion ideas i dream of, or i think my girl will want to try.  her hair's as long as rapunzel's, and she's been frustrated with it lately, so we decided to try out this recipe for a natural conditioner.  it was a fun adventure. we think it made her hair and scalp softer, but she definitely needed two shampoos.  so it may perhaps have undone the whole "natural" thing.  nonetheless, we had fun concocting!

this recipe:
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 egg
1 cup warm water

whisk and drizzle over head; massage into scalp.
relax for fifteen minutes before rinsing (or washing twice.  :)  )

try it?  leave a comment and let us know what you thought!!

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