Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Perhaps my blog may faint from shock after so long a time of under-use.  I intend to write - I do.  I write in my head.  Then someone needs a bottom wiped and someone needs a paper proofread and someone needs a newborn session and ... another silent day passes.
But today, I write.  Because I have cooked for two solid weeks (or at least I have planned and shopped and occasionally photographed) and I must share.

We sat at the table one night and my second announced, "I provided this meal for my family." Chest puffed proud and ornery-humor-sparkle in his eye, he pronounced right.  On the hunting trip with Papa, he and brother and dad hunted five deer.  I may once have been the mom who said, "My child will never..." but watching the honor my father in law shows the kill and the firearm, and pride with which our sons offer the meat that will nourish our family forces me to give thanks... for my boys becoming men.  For the honorable death to provide life (am I morbid?  or philosophical?).  And frankly, for the delicious Venison Stroganoff that graced our table.
It was hearty, and filling, and perfectly warming on a Florida "winter" evening; perfect to follow a heated basketball game.

(I've joined the Allrecipes.com Allstars team this year, so I'll hopefully be sharing more often.  Looking forward to stretching our foodie muscles!  For the delicious recipe, click the name above and you'll be taken to the link at Allrecipes.com, my more-than-a-decade favorite recipe website!)

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