Friday, March 25, 2011

{before she goes to assist on her first destination wedding}

March 25, 2011


I am so proud of you!! In the last year you have magically (or with the help of Jesus...) grown so much from a timid little girl, to a brave, confident soon-to-be-young-lady, who can conquer nerves and dive into the unknown to do things most little girls wouldn't even dream of!

I can't believe you're going off to the other coast of Florida to shoot a wedding, and that another photographer requested your services! You'll be such an example of what it looks like to be a smart, funny, creative, talented, and courageous daughter of the King of Kings. You make us proud to be your mommy and daddy.

Remember to pray and ask Jesus for confidence and wisdom, and don't hesitate to ask the grownups for anything you need, or for advice if you need it. Be sure to wear sunscreen and rest when you can. Watch your camera settings (raise your ISO if you need to, choose auto white balance if you have a hard time, and remember to watch your shutter speed!) and most importantly, study the life around you. Your eye is important, and your vision is unique from anyone else's... there's a reason YOU have been chosen for this!! You'll see things differently than anyone else can, and you'll give the gift of your perspective through the lens!!!

So proud of you, angel-girl, and so excited to watch you growing in all you can be in your Papa-God. Love you MORE!!!



E said...

Nothing more precious then looking at a wedding through the eyes of a young girl! Best wishes to you young lady! The Father has given you a talent that begs to be seen and heard!

Amie Christine said...

That's so awesome! I'm so excited for her! She'll do great! I look forward to seeing what God has for her future!

Shelya said...

This brought tears to my eyes AGAIN reminding me of your reunion last night. Angela, I love your sweet girl and had a blast with her this weekend. A-girl - You are an amazing little/big girl with such a sweet heart. I pray my girls grow up to be just like you and I can have have the same special relationship with my girls that you and your awesome mom have!

Angela said...

It makes me soooo Proud for you guys as parents just reading this post I'm about to cry...what's new...we all know I.m very tenderhearted! But seriously, I am so proud and excited of what God is doing in your life's AWESOME! Never forget who gave you your talent...He demands the Praise...I know you make Him very Proud :) Much Love, Angela Mann