Friday, January 21, 2011

paddlewheel boats on the intercoastal {florida homeschool adventures}

we've been studying the invention of the paddlewheel, among other advances and inventions of the industrial revolution.  despite the foot injuries incurred, we decided the adventure of sailing in the intercoastal waterway near our home was worth the walk.  it's a good thing the baby brothers were napping, because that might've been just a bit too much adventure.

this makes me giggle; when you homeschool, isn't it all homework?

coyote footprint?

the launch party.

this boat had a live passenger!

they all float!  yay!

we learned that paddleboats were used for transporting cotton (among other items) along the rivers between the states and territories.  i loved that a-girl loaded her boat with cotton.  :)

this boat designer was a teensy bit more nervous cautious than the others about the launch site.

one of my favorite things about homeschooling is the friendships that are formed without age/grade barriers... i also love that when we partner with other families with multiple siblings, there is a natural connection between them.
(special thanks to our favorite meat manager at Publix for supplying the styrofoam trays!  :)  )


mommyto6 said...

Love seeing this. You inspire me to want to do more out of the house as well! Thanks! You got my mind a-thinkin'! :)

Jill said...

Looks like fun!!

Brenda @ Tie That Binds Us said...

So, I finally saw these pictures! You captured all the great memories of that day....even the coyote prints. Now, if I can just get you to post the other 2 years worth of pictures. hahahahaha! Nope. We're keeping those memories for ourselves, aren't we?