Tuesday, December 22, 2009

where we've been...

i've been a very delinquent blogger.  it's been crazy around here.  a few weeks ago marked my husband's last day at his job.  which was one day after he found out it was going to be his last day.  not a surprise to our papa, but it definitely rearranged our plans... for home, for family, for Christmas, and for our business.  our long, long term dream was to take the photography business i started full-time, and it became our very short-term goal.  there will probably be some part-time stuff for my hubby, and he's been doing homeschool, and housework, and all kinds of other formerly-primarily-mommy-jobs.  i'm learning what it's like to carry the pressure of intense business stress (we didn't take off in December as we'd planned!) and still be nice to your family.  it's been a great exercise in communication and in empathy with each other's  daily lives!  God isn't surprised, though, and he's been gracious to continue to affirm what we're doing.  it's been super-fun to spend more time shooting together and to have my man amaze me with his commitment to learning and growing and partnering together in this venture.  i've been a slacker at writing, though, here and over at mentoring moments... it's kind of been survival-mode.  here's praying that we'll soon get much better at balancing all the aspects of this season of family life, and business, and ministry.  and to that end, i just have to share a photo of my awesomely attractive husband doing what we now do together!


Amy said...

I have wondered about the "behind the scenes" evolution of your business and can see how the Lord was laying the ground work for this transition. What a kindness! I will continue to pray as you all learn to juggle this new season. Many blessings to you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Gingerbread Mommy said...

I've always thought there should be more photographers who get down on the floor in the action... that's how you get the best photos. I can't wait for our "session."

Karin Katherine said...

I think it will be wonderful for your family for you and your husband to create more things together!

Tammy Real-McKeighan said...

Hi Amy,
You sound absolutely wonderful! And I love the Chris Rice song you picked.
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Tammy Real-McKeighan said...

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I'm sorry. I'm just starting this trek into the blog universe!
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